OneDrive "This File is Read-Only" Error version 22.027.0206.0002

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I have 3 folders synced from Sharepoint Online. Yesterday when adding a folder to a newly synced document library I started getting Sync errors that said "This file is read-only".


I checked the root sharepoint syncing directory permissions and it is set to "read/write" using my username.


I will say after syncing the folder to \Users\username\ORGNAME\SharepointLibraryName that adding any files prompted for root password. Which seems odd.


The application does not have "full disk access" in security preferences but that seems unnecessary right?

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...and on my M1 Mac, the processor load and memory requirements are insanely high. This eats away at the battery and the device gets extremely warm. Microsoft has forgotten how to program. Just stupid!
@satyanadella I think it's time to look for a new OneDrive crew.


I'd like to just close this out as a ID-10-T error. Files could sync down but any syncing "up" would fail. I finally figured it out. I didn't have the appropriate permissions to the sharepoint library to write. Fixed that and OneDrive was fine. Newbie mistake.