onedrive personal and onedrive business coexist or drop personal?

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On my self-owned laptop that I use for work and play, I have onedrive personal from my Microsoft 365 account  and I also have OneDrive business that I subscribe to for its benefits.  It would be hard to abandon the personal account, but its also a pain having both on my c: drive, and having to shift from one profile to the other regularly. Guidance on keeping both vs abandoning the personal account? (Yes, it is handy to have two separate 1T cloud storage buckets, but I can work around that.)

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Keep both. I've had no problem in managing multiple OneDrive accounts across my devices for years. You can toggle between them in phone apps although some apps like Office Lens will require that you specify which account to use for storing scans.
@MikeWWW. Thanks. That's what I have been doing for a few years. Compared to the cost of my new Surface Pro , paying for two MS accounts seems low. It just can be confusing: when I clicked the email link to your reply, techcommunity opened to my other MS account. I had to log out and log back in. I suppose I will put this off for another year.
On this note, I have a question. I also have OneDrive for Business and Personal on my computer. Business works great however when I open a doc from Personal it prompts me to log in and when I try it states this feature is disabled by admin. Well I am the admin and I do not recall disabling this feature. Did you have any issues with both clients residing and accessing?