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How deep is PDF indexing in OneDrive? Is there a limit on the number of pages indexed?

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AFAIK there is not such a limit...Might I ask why you are asking this?

@Juan Carlos González Martín - I have a PDF in my OneDrive which is around 500 pages. If I search for some text in say page 300, it's not showing up in the search results. This is why I'm asking if there is a limit to depth of indexing.


What is the size of the PDF file? Does it exceed 150 MB or 2 million characters?

See link below for boundaries for the SharePoint Online search limits


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@Paul de JongMy pdf is far below that both in file size and number of characters.

I did some research. OneDrive indexes only the first few pages of my pdf document. I think there is a character limit for pdf indexing that's far less than 2M that you mentioned. I remember the good old days of Windows indexing which had a character limit of about 10K for pdf files, which is probably still maintained for onedrive as well?