OneDrive Outlook Sharing Default Subject Line

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Likely has a simple answer, but how can I change the default subject line when sharing OneDrive objects through Outlook? I want users to begin leveraging OneDrive increasingly but don't want any emails going out with that suspicious tag line because someone forgets to change it.



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Unfortunately you can’t change this currently. You can always go browse the onedrive uservoice and see if anything there has already been suggested and vote on it. If you find something or create one come back and post here. You’ll get my vote.

Hi @LarsenU ,


No way to do this today, definitely go submit it over at UserVoice. This is actually something we tried giving end users customization over in the past but found that it caused additional confusion while sharing. If there's enough desire to see it though, we'd love to revisit!


In the meantime, you can always copy a link to your clipboard & then create a custom mail in Outlook. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

That's exactly how I do it, just click the Outlook Link and customize the message, or Copy link and send via IM. Good work around suggestion Stephen :).