OneDrive on MAC opens OneDrive on Windows (via Pararrels)




I have a MAC and already a few SharePoint sites synced. Recently I installed Parallels with a virtiual instance of Windows. When I now want to sync a new SharePoint document library it opens OneDrive on Parallels .. I cannot find a setting on the MAC to make my OneDrive MAC version as default ... suggestions ?

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Not a fix, but a workaround : disable Windows applications sharing with the Mac ; sync your new SharePoint document library ; it opens the MAC Onedrive App and voilà ! You can then reactivate Windows applications sharing with the Mac until next time.


Hope this helps.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 19.21.28.pngunder "read more" you can find how to change the start behaviour of onedrive

Hi, I am not sure about that. I did open the read more link, it opens an help page teaching one how to associate a specific file type with an app, be it a Mac app or a Windows one.
Thing is when you click the sync «button» in Sharepoint/Safari, you don't see a file with an extension. So you just can't edit it's properties and associate it with an app. Could you be more specific about how we could edit such a link's properties to associate it with the Mac's Onedrive app?

Have the same problem, did you find a fix?

The solution from Mathijs worked perfect for me!
Hi Marcel, are you able to elaborate on this? I cant work out what to click on to change the opening behaviour....