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Ive been fighting this for a while,  How can I attach a file from ONEDRIVE on IOS to an email using the native mail client?  IT seems I am able to do this but the email is created in the OUtlook APP for IOS.


I have several users who said they were doing this and are no longer able to.  But I can for the life of me get this to go.


Anyone run into this?  Or know whether this is or is not supported on IOS devices?


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So what you do is act like you are sending a sharing link using Share. Then at the bottom of that screen is Send a copy option. Use that and mail will be available as an option and will attach to a new message.

@Chris Webb  my issue is not that I dont know how, but the only option I am given is to use the Outlook APP and not native mail client.

Only way I can reproduce that is if I choose the open in another app instead of Send a Copy. I'm assuming if you did use the Send a Copy option you scrolled all the way to the right, where you can edit the apps shown, and see if the Mail app is showing here? If not you can click edit in the top right to go make sure it's enabled, is it here in the list?

@Chris Webb So when I get to the sub menu that has the apps listed I only have "email in outlook"

Below that I have the edit actions link.  When I click this I cannot add any apps to this list.  I can only remove Email in Outlook.  Nothing to scroll to left or right....

Not edit actions there, you have to scroll the icons under your contacts to the right, there is a More ... icon, that is where you go to find the mail app to add to your Sharing tray.

Now i see what you mean....


Yes in any native app like safari on the IPAD yes I can edit the share tray options and which apps show up there.  However when I share from within the 1 Drive for Biz App I dont have the ability to alter the share tray options at all.  

If you do the same thing in OneDrive if you are clicking on Share > Send a Copy, you scroll over to right and ... menu. Can you share what you are seeing? Obviously you can blur out any sensitive info etc.

I cannot reproduce on multiple devices, it shows up fine. I don't see it really being any different on iOS. I'm assuming you have updated OneDrive app etc. as well and not using beta etc. Anyway, screenshot with steps might help see if I can spot something.

Where you see the Icon I cannot scroll.


Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 4.55.29 PM.jpg

@Chris Webb 

Is this after clicking Share then "Share a Copy"? Or do you even get the normal Sharing UI? Is this OneDrive for Business or personal?

@Chris Webb YEs this is after i click  send a copy, this menu pops up.  Onedrive for BIZ.


Can you share to mail for twitter or any other apps? I would say go clear onedrive data to try but I don’t know why that’s not showing. Uninstall app. Do a hard power reset on the device. Reinstall. Etc etc.

@Chris Webb Wiping and starting from scratch.