Onedrive not enough space error

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Hello I am new to this group and hope someone can help me.  I recently bought a Surface and Office 365.  The Office comes with 1T of storage on Onedrive.  I started uploading files (documents photos videos etc,) onto Onedrive.  I got to a point when I was uploading when I got an error message stating there is not enough space on onedrive to upload the file I need another 6.78 GB of space.  I thought this was strange since I was uploading files from a drive that had les than 1T of space.  I looked at the Onedrive account and I have used 8.17GB of the 1T on the Onedrive.  That did not seem to be the problem.  I looked at the Surface and the local disk shows 1.95 GB free of 117 GB.  This is also interesting since I have not downloaded anything onto the Surface as of yet other than Office 365.  So did office really use up my space?  I am not sure what else to try and am stumped.  Any suggestions?

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Hello! I'm moving your question into the OneDrive space for better visibility.