OneDrive NGSC and Office 2010


According to article Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client there is an information:


NOTE: If Office 2010 is installed on the computer, the SharePoint Workspace component must be removed. Before starting OneDrive Setup, either uninstall Office 2010 or remove the SharePoint Workspace component of Office 2010


And here I have some doubts, which I could not find the answer in the documentation and other articles:


  1. Is it possible and efficient to work with Office 2010 and OneDrive NGSC together?
  2. What to do if some employees use SharePoint Workspace to sync content from SharePoint Server or Foundation 2010? Can SharePoint Workspace and OneDrive NGSC work simultaneously?
    Like it was with old client according to How to install the OneDrive for Business sync client for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online
    If you run OneDrive for Business with Office 2010, we recommend that you remove the SharePoint Workspace component from Office 2010. If you have a business requirement to run both SharePoint Workspace and OneDrive for Business, upgrade Office 2010 to Service Pack 2 (SP2) before you install OneDrive for Business. This provides the best compatibility.
  3. How to find out if someone is actively using SharePoint Workspace without asking? (Key question!!!)


Here is our usecase story with this topic:

We are deploying OneDrive NGSC to all employees. There is a big group with Office 2010 excluded so far from implementation. We don't know if some of them use SharePoint Workspace to sync content from SharePoint Server or Foundation 2010. We want to scan their computers to find out who is actively using SharePoint Workspace and decide what to do. 
SharePoint Workspace 2010 is included with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. We can not scan if Workspace folder is empty. We don't know all SharePoint Server or Foundation 2010 used in company.


I would be grateful for any tips and advice.

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