OneDrive mobile app and search


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We have the latest version of the OneDrive mobile app and when we do search queries we do not seem to have any way to sort or filter out the search results.  We see the same behavior with the SharePoint Mobile App.  Does anyone now if this can be achieved or would this be a product enhancement (i.e user voice)? 



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The sharepoint app has filter for files, contacts , websites etc- the Onedrive has not since it’s just files!
What kind of filters are you looking for?
Thanks just basic search filters like sorting or filtering search results based on date like last modified or on the user who last modified the file or maybe on file type (PDF, Word). We do not see to have any options at all.
No, it’s not there! I’d go to user voice for this :)
To be clear: filters are there but not for search results
Sorry to hear this was hopeful will have to go the user voice route thank you!