OneDrive menu "Shared by me" - SharePoint files not showing up

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I noticed that files I shared from SPO with others do not show up in the "Shared by me" menu in the OneDrive WebGUI. I hope that's the correct translation as we're using German.

Please see the following screenshot:




So the issue is that files that I share from a SPO site collection do not show up here as I would expect. Files from SPO that were shared with me do appear  in the other tab "Shared with me" as expected.


Moreover, the text in marked with the red rectangle says:"Click on "New" to add items."

Well, there's no such button. What's it for?


Thanks for your help.

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Very strange....Shared by Me view is working fine in a tenant where I'm using Spanish as default language and also in another tenant where English is the default language. In both cases, I'm seeing the files I have shared with others

Also if they were shared from SharePoint and not between two users' OneDrives?
Are you creating a sharing link for a file or using the sharing dialog? Are you doing this from the modern library UX?


Edit: Just did the test sharing a file between OneDrives and this worked but not SharePoint.

AFAIK, Shared By Me view only shows files and folders shared from OneDrive For Business....adding @Stephen Rice so he can confirm this

Interesting. But "Shared with me" shows not only from SharePoint but according to Roadmap Feature ID: 16007 also from external partners O365 SharePoint / OneDrive.

My understanding is that "Shared by Me" is a query that returns the items which are shared explicitly by me (i.e. as the owner, and hence only in my ODfB).

Similarly, as we all know, "Shared with Me" is a query that returns the items which someone has shared explicitly with me (and hence in all the tenant).


Hi all,


Shared by me only shows content from your OneDrive. It does not show SPO content. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

@Stephen Rice & @Salvatore Biscari: Thank you for the clarification. Obviously it would be nice to see that implemented at some point in the future but it's a great feature nonetheless.