OneDrive Mac - Sync with SharePoint Library - no upload, only download


Hi All,


I am syncing a SP library with my mac, and can only download files.  I am unable to upload any files, they appear to be uploading, but never make progress and sit at 0KB indefinitely.


This appears to be particular with the Mac OneDrive app, as it works flawlessly on my Windows machine.  


Version: 17.3.7078

Network - not limited


Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks, P

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Hi Peter, 


did you get anywhere with this?  I have been having the exact same issue for a couple of weeks.





I have the same problem. 


Had a hour trouble shooting with customer service representative without any luck. 



No, this is not resolved.  The OneDrive app for Mac will not upload to a SharePoint 365 library.   I worked with a customer support team at MS for about 6 hours and could not get a resolution.  They say they've escalated the issue to the OneDrive team.

Same thing happening to me for all macs uploading to a specific site. Created a new site within the same site collection and can now upload. Haven't yet figured out why the original site wasn't working.

I'm seeing this problem in sites with spaces in their URLs.


e.g. this site URL doesn't work Name/docs/Forms/AllItems.aspx


But this one DOES work (with the hypen instead of the space)

That was my fix as well. Spaces in the site URL was causing the problem.

I've filed a case with MS support on this.

Same problem here for months.  I don't realize until it's too late & I'm at work trying to find all the work I did at home. 

We’ve had this problem since last September(17).

Syncing was fine with SharePoint (up and down) and then suddenly downward syncs to our OneDrive for Mac users stopped working.

Ticket raised with MS O365 support, 4 hours on the telephone, no resolution. Issue was escalated to MS OneDrive Team and nothing has happened since, despite a number of new OneDrive Client releases.

Come on MS - you’ve always been really good and sorting issues, don’t ignore this one.

This is what MS Support told me on March 27:

"The PG did accept this bug. I still do not have an exact timeline for the fix. However,  in most cases, it is generally around 4 weeks. At this stage, it's just us waiting."

Thanks Kevin, let's hope they are true to their word and there is a fix imminently. I don't fancy "auditing" all of the Folder and Sub Folder names on Sharepoint to eliminate spaces! It'll take me days.

one other interesting quirk is that using the same OneDrive for Mac Client but syncing with the personal OneDrive storage on Office365, it syncs perfectly in both directions. Makes me think it is something with Sharepoint rather than the OneDrive for Mac Client.

This is still an issue. I cannot go back and remove spaces in site or library names now, not after so much link sharing. 


This is quite disappointing in that the auto-added %20 is insufficient to accommodate normal naming conventions.  It is not in SharePoint's benefit to require that everything is 'My-Site" or "My-Site/Document-Library" especially when we are using lengthy project names that auto create SP sites; and, that 3/5 of the staff don't want to use SP anyway.  It is little things like this that turn the whole thing into a "we don't use SP because it doesn't work for us" argument from team leaders who of course are using Macs while the rest of the staff use Windows.  It also makes all of us IT support staff look like idiots for choosing a platform that cant sync files both ways.


Please MS, address this.  Syncing SP libraries should be bulletproof and a core requirement in cloud computing.