OneDrive itself deletes some files and folders

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The two firsts times that this happened I thought I accidentally delete the files from phone app and, as a radical approach, I unisntalled it from phone and the deletion issue has gone for a while , however it just happened again and after I got the "files permanently removed" email from MS and have lost 10min restoring roughly 1200 files from online recycle bin, I wonder how this is happening and how to fix it. Has anyone experienced the same ?

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@dmutti Hi! I haven't run into this issue before but have you tried testing the solution mentioned in the "Deleted files automatically restored back" post? It shows up under "Related Conversations". Here is the link:


I am having the exact same issue. It has happened to two of my coworkers as well and we need a solution. Also we all know for certain that we did not delete the files, but the files are gone, and we have all received e-mails on stating "files permanently removed" even though none of the three different files were removed on our end. Can someone please help? The file I work with is a rather important one to my company and it has data on it from 2019. Also is there a way to recover the file even though it says it is permanently removed?