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I have found some issues in external sharing feature used in OneDrive for Business. It would be really great if I can get some response on these issues by any of you experts. Thanks.


- When I share a document with an external for the first time (i.e. his external account never existed in my tenant), the external partner receives the notification but I was not kept in CC. So I never get the receipt of sharing

- Once the invitation is sent to the external by sharing a document and if invitation is not accepted by the external then there is no way to know to whom invitation is already sent or with whom document is shared. For e.g. I may think that my document is not shared but next day external will accept the invitation and document is actually shared with external.

- Sharing status shown in the web interface is confusing. For e.g. if i share the document for the first time with one person then the status shown as "shared" and when i share the same document then the status shown as "Person name and 1 more person".



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  1. To get notifications about external sharing, give a look to
  2. To see a more detailed sharing status for a document, select it and open the info pane on the right.


Hi Prashant,


At this time, we do not CC the sharer when SPO/ODB send the external sharing invitation mail. This will be changing shortly however so keep an eye out for the message center announcement.


We are also working on improving the experience inside of ODB & SPO to help users understand what resources are shared and what resources aren't.




Stephen RIce

OneDrive Program Manager

I expect new improvements can fix some issues I'm seeing when sharing files & folders from ODFB...the new sharing option is really simple, but It's not working as expected
Hi Juan,

Can you describe what you are seeing that is not working as expected? Thanks!

Stephen Rice
OneDrive Program Manager
Sure...that's what I have seen in my corporate and test tenants:
(1) Select a folder or a file you want to share.
(2) Share it with a user (a corporate one or an external)
(3) Sharing e-mail is sent to the user
(4) The file or folder shared is not shown in the Shared with me section in ODFB
Repeat the process, but sharing the file / folder from the details panel so a different sharing dialog is this case, the file/folder is shown in the Shared with me once it's shared...aparently this issue is already reported according with the support guy I was talking to last week
Hi Juan,

Yes this is a known issue. The new dialog defaults to sending an e-mail with an anonymous link instead of the old dialog which permissions and then sends a restricted/canonical link. You can replicate this behavior in the new sharing dialog by picking a link that "works only for people on the To: line". As an IT admin, you can also set the default sharing dialog link to be the "direct" (restricted/canonical) link which will ensure it shows up in SWM. Hope this helps!

Stephen Rice
OneDrive Program Manager
Any ETA to fix the issue?

Thanks Stephan. I hope to see these improvements soon because users are really getting frustrated with this odd behavior when they do not know if sharing invitation is sent or not and if file is shared or not.

@Prashant Gupta & @Juan Carlos González Martín, we don't have a specific ETA we can share at this time, sorry!

Ok, thanks for the info!