OneDrive is not accessible - Indicated two revision levels are incompatible

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Onedrive is not working because there is an error that says "C:\Users\myusername\OneDrive - mycompany is not accessible. Indicated two revision levels are incompatible". This error occurs when I try to open the folder to view my files. When I click on the one drive icon, it says "You are all set All Files are in Sync". There doesn't seem to be any issues with the online file directory and I am able to use onedrive on another PC.


This started when my hard drive image was copied to a new hard drive. The last one has bad blocks and needed to be replaced.


Please help

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Tried to uninstall and reinstall OneDrive with no luck. Lots of reboots - still no luck.
Did you say YES after reinstall taking the old files?
Have you tried the RESET command?