OneDrive: how to search what subfolders are accessed from a user?

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Hi all,

we have an account (name it as "MyMainUsers") with its OneDrive.

Some users in the company have access to the files/subfolders into that MyMainUser's OneDrive.

Now I have to remove the access, to every file/subfolder, for one user (name it as "B"), but I don't know how to check what files/subfolders the user B is able to access...

Is there a way to do this?

thanks, regards


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@marco69 Open the MyMainUsers account in OneDrive on the web . Click on "Shared" in the left navbar, then "Shared by you" in the top navbar.


You can now see all the content that has been shared, and use "Manage Access" to remove undesirable links. 


You can do the same thing in the phone app, and the desktop version allows you to perform Remove Access options, albeit with more clicking around, and you'll only see content that has been locally synced.


If MyMainUsers is being used as a general company resource folder, I strongly recommend you stop doing that and use SharePoint instead.

Hi Mike, many thanks for your help, appreciate.
When I go to "Shared by you" I see a huge list of folders shared with someone, if I understand I should have to go to "manage access" for each of them to find my user "B", right?
if so, is there any faster way?
I thought to powershell or similar....