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I'm trying to find a way to have a OneDrive account placed into our Teams channel. This would not be a copy or import, but rather, the file would sync between teams and OneDrive. It is a shared OneDrive account separate from our user accounts. 

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Why? Please explain what you are trying to accomplish from this. SharePoint already sits under Teams. OneDrive is SP library designed for one user, not a team
My boss doesn't want to click around a bunch and just wants it available in teams. This would also need to be accessible to external guests.

From a usage point of view this explains nothing.
Your boss needs to have someone explain how Teams storage works.

OneDrive can be connected to Teams but it's not gonna work like he thinks it might. In fact trying to make this work will be an enormous headache for everyone.

If he "doesn't want to click around a lot" then a link to the Teams Channel SharePoint folder can be added to his OneDrive, but the rest is simply not a coherent request. 

I understand what you are saying. Given that this is a shared account we use, what would be the best way in terms of set up for us to access the OneDrive files and folders from our desktops without logging into the shared user account. Basically, she wants an "easy" button for this.
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You shouldn't be using OneDrive as a shared account as that just breaks Office. You have a SharePoint inside of Teams so use that. Asking for an "easy button" is the sort of thing that gets bosses made fun of on the internet.


Move your shared files into the Teams SharePoint, and put links to the storage folder into your individual OneDrive accounts. 


Thank you for all of your help. That is a great solution.