OneDrive for Business Sync Client

I'm looking to validate assumptions we made regarding the bandwidth that would be consumed by enabling the OneDrive (NGSC) sync client. For the calculation we used the OneDrive for Business Client Network Bandwidth Calculator provided by Microsoft (though the link is now dead - ) . Is there a way to report on who is using the sync client (rather than has it installed), the volumes uploaded and downloaded and when?
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Hi Simon, there's nothing like that in the client currently, you would have to get the data out of your firewall/proxy servers or other logs. I have seen a demo of Microosft Cloud App Security ( that can apparently get some other data out of O365 and report on it, an example they gave was detecting when large amounts of files were downloaded to suspicious locations. It's an EMS E5 level feature, so I expect few will have bought anywhere close to that supre premium licensing yet.

Analyzing network logs would be the way to go here. Filter on the onedrive.exe process and just monitor upload/download traffic. And while you can upload network logs to Cloud App Security, it's real use case it to detect anomalies rather than monitor and log all network activity.


Regarding the bandwidth calculator, I would advise not using that tool any longer, since the estimations are not completely accurate - hence the reason the tool is no longer available for download.