OneDrive for Business Sharing (Security Features/Controls for OneDriveForBusiness Sharing)

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I need confirmation on onedrive or sharpoint online sharing (both internal-external) - files and folders, links etc..
Is it possible to expire the sharing of File/Folders/Links using CASB solution like Cloud App Security from Microsoft as part of Office 365

I have done some research on it there is no way to track which files are being shared by default in onedrive,
I need complete details how CASB - Cloud App Security is able to do this,
Is it creating its own database as and when enable and then starts storing all details like user-file shared in its own DB

Scenario-Example user1 shares file with user2, however after few days an admin notices this file is not supposed to be shared can the admin expire or disable sharing or revoke share access to this file asap , need complete details on this

Also it is possible to schedule a task which scans for all shared files and the ones which are older than 30 days notifies there owners to either reshare them or disable sharing for them

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