OneDrive for Business Sharing Permissions Issue

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We recently started using OneDrive for Business. Yesterday employee A shared a file with employee B using the "specific person" choice from the drop-down. Employee B was given edit permissions. Employee B then shared it with employee C successfully. The Owner of the file, employee A,  was not notified and did not receive a notice to Accept/Deny permission to employee C. When we did a similar sharing, but with only View permission, notifications were sent to the file owner to allow it. Surely this is not how it is supposed to work with Edit permission. The Owner of the file can never share with editing permission without risking the file is shared without her knowing it. 


Thank you in advance for your feedback. 

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I'd agree, but lets ask the SharePoint experts first. @Juan Carlos González Martín can you weigh in here?


@Stephen Rose FYI

Yes, this is how it works.

Also, you can completely disable resharing, if you want.

For an exhaustive discussion see

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This would help you:


Lets administrators set policy on re-sharing behavior in OneDrive for Business.
On- Users with edit permissions can re-share.
Off- Only OneDrive for Business owner can share. The value of ODBAccessRequests defines whether a request to share gets sent to the owner.
Unspecified- Let each OneDrive for Business owner enable or disable re-sharing behavior on their OneDrive.


Wow, nice, that's handy! Wonder how I've missed it :)


Thanks for sharing @Deleted!

Thank you so much! This resolved issues for a couple people very quick and gave me an excellent resource for an "exhaustive discussion" about sharing and permissions. I appreciate your quick response.

Thank you for sending this so quickly. I've forwarded it to IT.