OneDrive for Business Share Experience on Local PC

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When our business users go to OneDrive for Business Synced Path on their Local PC and select folder they want to share and click on Share button it opens a new browser tab and prompts them to login to Onedrive. Is it expected behaviour can't they share Onedrive for business contents from their local drive. I was expecting Share window to comeup on their local PC instead of users logging into web version. Is there a specific configuration that needs to be done for users to share content directly from their Local PC.

@Salvatore Biscari any thoughts?


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Sounds like a OneDrive version issue. You have to have the Next Gen Sync, and obviously Online OneDrive for Business which I assume is being used. I don't have the exact Next Gen version that went to the new UI method but make sure it's updating.

Which client and version are on that machine you are getting that experience on?

It's working just fine on my machine, I can right-click either a file or a folder, select the Share button and it will bring the familiar ODFB share window. Version 2018 (build 18.044.0301.0006).


Afaik there are no settings that control this behavior...


When you say "Share button", do you mean right-click the file and choose Share with OneDrive, or what?

Are we speaking of Windows 10?

Nope, Users are trying to Share from Synced OneDrive for business folder on Local PC which is located under Favorites. Yes all Users are on Windows 10.

Hello Chris


Appreciate your response. We are on Windows 10. I tried to find version of client using File explorer and we are using OneDrive sync client. Attached is screenshot.



Hello Vasil


Appreciate your response. I downloaded the latest build 18.065.0329.0002 from Microsoft release notes and reinstalled client on User's PC . Surprisingly we still have the same issue. Is there a way to check build number for OneDriveforBusiness client and confirm if it's upgraded to latest build?




Make sure you rebooted for Shell updates.
But to check version bottom right corner in systray find the OneDrive cloud and go to settings. Then about tab.

Sorry, maybe my question was not clear...

I understood that your users want to share from File Explorer files/folders which are synced locally on their PCs.

I wanted to make sure that they are right-clicking a file/folder in File Explorer and choosing from the context menu "Share with Onedive" (which has a little blue cloud in front of it). Am I correct?

Hello Salvatore


Attached is screenshot for users trying to share from OD4B. Hope this helps.



Hello Chris


Here's a screenshot. I don't see settings option in systray. 



That looks like you still have th old OneDrive for Business client. The command should just say “share” with most current OneDrive and windows 10. Find the OneDrive cloud in systray and go to setting. Find the one syncing your files and do the about tab on it and share it. Also what windows version.
That is definitely old client. Need to troubleshoot getting the new client installed and it’ll fix the Shell.
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In reference to this article:


You might need to manually start the onedrive client if you did in fact install the new one already on the machine per this Screenshot.


But that link has the instructions for setting up. If it doesn't automatically sync the files to the new client, you might end up having to Stop sync of the old client. Delete the files from that OneDrive for business folder. Then setup the OneDrive client which will create a new by default OneDrive Orgname folder in your user folder. 



Thanks Chris, Salvatore i'm working with my Infrastructure team to Push latest build to all User PC's . We tried the manual install and updating client on User PC's but for some reason it didn't work. I shall let you know for any issues. Thanks for all the responses.