OneDrive for Business Setup and Silent Sign in

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I had OneDrive for Business installing silently and perfectly for users early in the year (and wrote a brief blog on it 
I've gone back to this, and it doesn't seem to work anymore - it does seem to set up OneDrive for Business in the logged on user's Appdata\local folder, but doesn't auto launch or add the registry value to the run key as a part of that setup.

Has there been a behavior change (as I've had someone also comment on my blog with the same issue) or a change in requirements? If I click OneDrive in Windows Explorer it seems to kick off the sign-in process, or choose it from the Start Menu after the OneDriveSetup.exe is triggered.

Please help! :)

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Just to clarify:


OneDrive is disabled as part of the build process at the moment, as we weren't ready for it and want a controlled rollout.


Back in January when I was testing, just adding the run key for OneDriveSetup combined with the silently configure OneDrive GPO worked a treat. OneDrive would install for the user, launch, and sign them in all discreetly.

Now it seems to install for the user, but won't do that next step of actually launching the program. I can do it manually, and leave it for a while then eventually it seems to sign in by itself, but it takes a long time.