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I am writing to see if there is a way, perhaps through PowerShell, to do what we're after.


We have configured Sharing/Links to require a specific email address for the recipient.

This appears to have removed two additional features we are still looking to implement:
- Configure a Password to access the file
- Configure a Link Expiration time


It appears that because we disabled sharing with Anyone, we no longer have those options to control via the GUI.  Is it possible to still enable these settings, perhaps through PowerShell modules?  Or, because we disabled sharing with Anyone, Password and Link Expiration configuration is disabled as well?


Sean McLaughlin

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Unfortunately those two option are only available for “Anyone with the link / Anonymous access”. There is no options to have those with other type of sharing.

Thanks for that. Wish there was a way to still leverage additional security controls.

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Hi @smclaughlin1580,


@jab365cloud is correct. These settings are only available for Anyone link options today.


The team is working on an expiration feature that, while different, may hit the same use cases. It is a feature that allows admins to require external access to expire where expiration happens at the site/ODB level instead of at the individual file level. If you are interested in learning more, let me know and I can link out to the Ignite talk where we discussed this in more depth.


As for password, I'd love to understand your desired use case where you want to share with specific people and provide a password. Thanks!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive