OneDrive for Business "Move to" Sharepoint and its effect on Retention Policies


Lets say that my OneDrive is under a retention Policy configured at tenant level.  If I use the "Move to" feature to move a file to a Sharepoint site (which also has a different retention policy), what happens to my document in terns of retention.

1. Does it retain in SharePoint ?

2. Is there any difference between having a retention Policy vs retention label?

3. What happens to versions ?

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1. It retains based on your policy. If you move it's basically a copy then delete so the document is moved to the preservation library it moved from.

2. Labels are the same only applied to individual items. The policy will follow the document. So it'll act the same moving it in regards to moving to source site preservation policy, and any other sites it moves too along the way. More info here:

3. Versions move to the destination in addition to each version being added to the preservation library appended with guid + modified date in the source site it was moved from.

Hope this helps.