OneDrive-for-Business-links not accessible via web browser on Android - "MobileUpsellWrapper"-Error

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We're experiencing the following problem: When sharing a link to a folder on OneDrive for Business, people who try to open this link in a web browser on mobile phones get displayed the attatched error message for a few seconds and after that a blank white screen. As far as we could find out, this error does not occur when sharing and opening links/folders from normal OneDrive-Accounts. This only seems to be the case with OneDrive for Business. Has anyone had the same issue or/and an idea how to solve this?

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Have you tried a different browser? Does it only happen with folder links? @Stephen Rose FYI

@Vasil Michev Yes, i've tried it with Edge, Firefox and Chrome - the same problem in every browser. Links to single files work out fine - the problem only shows up when linking to folders. 

@FloLumia I'm having the same problem. Have a ticket open with support. They don't know why it's visible on laptop/desktop but flickers on and off on the browser. I was able to save the error before it went away. Unknown.jpeg


Several of my users have had or are having OneDrive / SharePoint (file sharing) issues today. This is the message they've been receiving. We've tried different machines, different browsers, and they get the same message. Then out of the blue the issue seems to go away.


My guess is another botched service update.

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It seems the problem is gone or has been solved - at least the links we had problems with do now work fine again. There is now a proper "We have an App for this ..."-ad-message showing up, when opening these links the browser. I guess an error in this popup caused the error before. Did this also solve your problem @kdubbs82 ?

Works great now. I received the same results as you outlined. So glad this is fixed!