OneDrive for Business - How to find the owner of the file under Shared with me


Is there a way to find who is the owner of the file e.g. File A was shared by A with B and B shared it with C.  is there a way for C to find who is the actual owner of the file? The template file was shared with Manager Store 1 by someone and Manager Store 1 Shared it with me.  I was able to identify this through Graph API but for end-user it is a real problem.






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If it's an Office file, you can open it in the client app, like Word on this case, and check on File / Info who the original author is - it will be inside "Properties" section.

Thanks.  I was thinking more about if we have 100s of files shared with me.  It seems there is no easy way to know this?

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There's a way around it... Just add a view with the "Created By" column on it! :)
- Go to your OneDrive settings (
- Site Administration / Site libraries and lists
- Click on Customize "Documents"  
- On the bottom, click Create View, and select Standard
- Give it a name, and make sure to select Created By (and any other columns you want) and click OK
The link to see it would be like



When you click on the file/folder from your Shared with me page, you could get the option for copy link. This would have the URL where the file resides actually,disregard of the fact that it has been re-shared.


On the URL, just look for the bit after

The information after "personal" is the location where the file resides(users UPN)...


Not very user friendly but works..

Thanks. It is not really great when you have 100s of files to work out.