OneDrive for Business File Hover Card Functionality not available

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I've no idea why, but this functionality seems to be missing. I've access to two different tenants currently and neither seem to have the full functionality available. I've tried different users, browsers, and machines. Am I missing a setting or a switch?

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You just have to wait til it’s rolled out


Sure. That seems the logical response, but it was due at the end of Aug and, by Microsoft's Roadmap, it apparently HAS been rolled out

Yeah the default File Hover card should be live for everyone, there are "new" changes coming to it that aren't live yet that Adam is probably confusing it with :).


I had one user where the file hover card wouldn't work for, but everyone else it did. I never did troubleshoot it enough to figure out why it wasn't working for him (he was an global admin too).

Have you checked other normal users to see if it works? It's possible some form of local adblock etc. could be blocking it as well or something similar. Try on a fresh machine, different browser etc. as well.

Good points and I can't believe I missed putting that in my original post as part of what I did to problem solve. (Too many tabs open today). I updated to provide a bit more detail.
So are you not getting a hover card at all? Or just missing things from the hover card itself?
I honestly think there is something up with the service that renders these or they are working on something because none of my hover cards look like they have in the past :P. So this might be a service wide issue.
As per my update (original) post, I'm not getting the details; even after confirming there would be any details to see in the first place.
Ah. Perhaps patience is the best course of action. Appreciate the feedback

File card should be rolled out for all customers.  The new functionality we demoed at Ignite will be rolling out later this year.

There was a problem with the file cards when we were posting about this, apparently it's fixed now :P. Mine are working again.