OneDrive - Folders sharing link - Shared with you for external users

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I am trying to share onedrive files and folders to an external user (user in a different organization) using sharing link. The files are getting shared without any issues. For the external user, it shows under 'Shared with you' within their OneDrive and they are able to open the shared file directly from there. But when it comes to folders, even though I am able to shared the folder through sharing links there is one issue. For the external user, the shared folder shows under 'Shared with me'. However the link is not clickable.


Any pointers on this would be really helpful.

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You should be able to click just below the folder name, where the path is shown. This should open the target URL in a new tab, make sure your browser is not blocking popups though.


Also, at least in my tenant I'm seeing an issue with the actual target of the link, but I'm not sure if it's affecting all. I've reported it just in case.

@Vasil Michev 


Thanks for the reply. The path below the folder name is showing correctly and is clickable. However, for my tenant also the actual target of this URL is incorrect. (I have tried in multiple tenants, everywhere the issue exists) So in effect users are not able to correctly access this link.

Yup, that's the issue I was referring to above, and I've already reported it. No telling how long it will take for MS to fix it though...