Onedrive files on demand windows 7

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I hope I haven't missed some blatantly obvious solution here. I'm trying to configure something like files on demand for windows 7. From all my reading and testing the regkey for this is not compatible with windows 7.

As a less ideal work around I thought I could just set the automatic download limit to 0 and it would force users to choose the files they want to sync. However, I also need to install per machine and set up auto logon, and the auto logon seems to assume user would choose to download all files and doesn't give the option to choose as it does when you manually log on. If users were just using the one device this wouldn't be an issue except that we have plenty that hotdesk, and our I.T department logging in to God only knows how many various machines on a daily basis and we really don't need all these people pulling down and storing their data locally for both security and storage concerns.

I would be happy to just put it on the users with a how to guide to back up their data and let them learn the hard way not to ignore these and similar instructions but the risk of negatively impacting the business is to high.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction.


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