Onedrive doesn't Upload to Sharepoint

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I am working at a firm, we are about 40 users where the syncronizing has to work flawlessly.


We work in Microsoft Teams, and then we Synkronize the files down on our computers via Onedrive.

But recently alot of our users have experienced that our files don't upload from our onedrive folder, up to sharepoint.

And therefor our files are not syncronized out to the other users, but if some elements are uploaded directly into Microsoft Teams, it is on Teams and on our computers as well.


This is a pressing matter, but I hope it is something wrong within our own organization.

But I was wondering if someone has experienced this problem.

best regards, Marin.

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Hi @Marinpetersen how many items (files + folders) are the users syncing? The larger the number of items synced then the more likely you are to run in to sync issues. OneDrive sync limit is around 300,000 items though issues can arise with fewer items synced than that.


If you would consider mapping a network drive to teams files instead you could take a look at a tool like Zee Drive that can map directly to all your teams files in File Explorer.

Hi @Myles Jeffery 

Thank you for your reply, The users who sync the most come up to around 13000 items, but it helps knowing that we are under the limit.

I can quick solve the problem by reebooting onedrive, but that doesn't detect when the issue occurres.

I consider if it has something to do with switching wifi often?

best regards, Marin