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Hey guys! 

I am a little bit confused - actually I want to learn more about OneDrive - So I am doing some learning stuff :) actually I am working on "OneDrive retention and deletion - Manage OneDrive storage and retention - Learn | Microsoft Docs"- according to this, it is possible to have " By default, when a user is deleted, their manager is automatically given access to the contents of their OneDrive." - where can I find this setting? I searched for it and I can not find this option. 


Hope someone can help me :) Thanks! 

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The setting is under the SPO Admin center > More features > click Open under User profiles > My site settings. Or in more detail here:

@Vasil Michev 

Thank you so much! I searched a lot for that and I was confused because a lot of blog articles told me I should check the "classic sharepoint admin center" which is not longer available, so I was kind of confused! :)