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why Set Expiration date & Set password not available for OneDrive business account ? Option I found in free onedrive accountFree account.png

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According to Microsoft this feature Will be Rolling out to customers worldwide from nov 18 - til the end of January 2019!
So I guess there’s a few days left!!

No one in your tenant get the block option?


Link expiration has been available for years in my tenant, the one that's missing currently is Password-protected links, but as Adam mentioned we should be getting it soon.

Thanks for update

Hi all,


Expiration is available today for "links that work for anyone"/anonymous links and is controllable by IT policy if needed.


Password protected links is in progress and will be coming soon (thought not in the next 3 days, sorry :( ). Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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both option still not available for me . Our OneDrive should enable anything ? 

can you share a picture of your share window?