OneDrive Client - unable to find folder

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We are just starting the process to deploy Office 365 and installing the OneDrive client.  We have started seeing on a number of PCs the message:  We're unable to find the <OneDrive folder> (see attachment)


We have tried:

-Uninstalling OneDrive
-Deleting "One Drive - Sealed Air Corporation" folder
-Re-installing OneDrive
-Letting OneDrive create new OD - SAC folder during setup
The error happens after the introductory "how to use OneDrive" slides is closed.
OneDrive then crashes. Opening OneDrive again prompts new user setup again.
Have also tried re-imaging PC and reinstalling OneDrive with the same results.
Thanks in advance for yhour help.
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Are you using the latest Oneclient? What version is it. What OS
This one instance was Win 10 using build 17.3.7076.1026. Have also tried 17.3.7131.1115 with the same results. We have other instances of this issue but I don't have all the specifics but can collect.
almost seems like you have some kind of AV messing with the folders? Maybe try disabling those to see if the error goes away?
Having exactly the same issue.

I've also:
-Uninstalled office and reinstalled fresh off the web which is supposed to include OneDrive, but doesn't.
-Uninstalled Onedrive then gone ape in the registry removing OneDrive references, still no dice after re-install.

Have the issue on only 2 of dozens at the moment and I'm pulling my hair out.

I don't even know why I click on links.  They NEVER have a resolution.

Re-installed one of our PCs from scratch and tested it at every step along the way.


Turns out that our Veratio corporate spyware was the culprit. Disabling it on the machines eliminated the error.


Was tricky to find otherwise as the spyware runs as a borderline rootkit, not easily disabled once its installed.

im also havin a hell of a time with onedrive ,but it works the office 360 its the onedrive I just fixed to clean disk space, now its telling me to update onedrive but it say's --reinstall witch I did (try) now  it wont work to uninstall ,,should I just keep it how it is ? I need my computer pics n things my live pics videos files cookies n such ;( 

@Bryan Callicott  Has anyone had a resolution for this error message yet? We have instances in our organization that this is happening, and cannot find reasons why! 


Thank you!