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Hi guys,


In our environment we are installing the MS OneDrive Client v2018 (Build 18.091.0506).

I do have some short questions about the client:


  • Is it possible to start the client synchronization manually?
  • What is the default synchronization frequency of the OneDrive Client?
  • One of our member, told me, that at home, if there are changes on his onedrive over web or phone, his One Drive client on his machine does apply the changes immediatly. Same vice versa.
    But in our case, which is OneDrive for Business, it always takes around 10minutes, till OneDrive Client is realizing that there was a change. Can we control this better?
    • Settings > Network Tab -> Upload & Download rate are set "Don't limit"

Thank you in advance.

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The OneDrive sync client (aka NGSC) syncs continuously in the background, automatically detecting changes. There is no control to force a sync and there is not a preset sync frequency.

Normally, upon a change, the sync starts immediately after the file is closed.

hi @Salvatore Biscari


Thanks for the reply.

The point is that - I receive requests regarding the "sync continuoously" from the business and also from my MD.

They are telling me that in the personl use this working well. Like as you wrote "Normally, upon a change, the sync starts immediately after the file is closed.".


But here in the office, it always takes around 10minutes or more until a sync on the local client happens.


There are some workounds like stop and start the sync job, but this can not be the sense of it.


Is there a official statement of Microsoft?

So is there a chance to analyize the sync continuously better? Events ? Log ??

As I said, the sync should be immediate.

If this is not the case, it could be a malfunctioning.

I would suggest opening a ticket with Microsoft support.

Thanks for the reply. You are right.
Sorry for asking that, but where can I create a ticket to Microsoft Support for OneDrive issues?