OneDrive client and Indexing


So I just noticed that I'm unable to add my local OneDrive folder to the Indexed locations in Windows. What's even more annoying is that only my "primary" O365 OneDrive is missing, I can see/add the Personal one or "secondary" ones. But not the one for my tenant, where all my stuff is kept and all important folders are redirected to. Anyone else seeing the same? Is this a known issue?



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Anyone? @Juan Carlos González Martín are you seeing the same?


@Stephen Rose is this supposed to work, a known issue, bug?

Same exact experience here using Windows 10 Pro 1803 and OneDrive for Business Version 2018 build 18.1581.0729.0012 as of 09/20/2018.


As of now will have to move back 600GB of stored content and abort enterprise-wide adoption of OneDrive until this is fixed.

I have the same problem.
Running Windows 10 1809.

@Michael Henriksson 


Disabling "save space and download on demand" or whatever it is called in the onedrive option had it working for me, but it's not great if you have a huge database and a small laptop ssd