OneDrive business account can't be removed from OneDrive for Android

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Hi, I'm using a private Outlook account on my Android phone. In the past, I added my work account in the OneDrive app for Android. I need to remove this account, but...


1) The OneDrive app only has an option 'Sign out', not an option to remove the account.

2) Excel and Word for Android also show the work account under 'settings', with a red cross. The work account can be removed there, but whenever I choose 'reset Office', the work account returns automatically.

3) The Android Settings have an Accounts option, removing the OneDrive-work-account there also doesn't help, OneDrive still shows the account.


I've tried endlessly removing and reinstalling apps, nothing works. Somehow it seems there's a link between the accounts which is restored on each and every occasion.


I've seen similar questions, like the one below, but as far as the questions have a solution, it doesn't work in my case.


Any clues?


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@afvalbak I have a similar problem, the issue is that I had a former work account that I had signed in my phone (Honor 20, few weeks ago got Honor 50).


When I resigned, they obviously changed the password for this account and that kicked me out. This would not be an issue if I could just remove the account from the OneDrive so that it wouldn't stay there because I have no need for it, there just simply isn't a button to "remove account".


In Settings - Users & accounts - OneDrive, it only shows my two personal accounts, so I cannot make it forget this single account. And the solution "Me - sign out", is not for me because I cannot even sign in. There is no solution in the the other thread, because I tried their "solutions" and they were for Samsung (similar solution exists in Honor but didn't work) or they require me to be able to sing in.


This is something that I thought would be fairly simple but nevertheless, I was dead wrong.