OneDrive bandwidth calculator

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Where could I find OneDrive Bandwidth Calculator like Exchange-&-Client or Teams, or Skype ?

I've got this result :

I know they are post about, founf capacipty planning or other, but what can I could reply to our cutumers about 'How long time the file migration is able to ..... ?', 'Whet will be the bandwidth usage during the migration ? ' ....
I'm not talking about Mb but Tb.

Thanks for your read.


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Well, it seems the available calculator is not existing anymore: Rice  any comments here?

Error 404 event if I'm logged onto te site.
Tryed with 5 differents browser :)
If you've got it, could you send it to me ?


The bandwidth calculator was withdrawn, per @Hans Brender article " Due to the next generation Sync client and the replacement of the old Groove client, Microsoft has withdrawn the calculator".


Your best bet is to check out these related sessions from Ignite for the latest information, whether it will cover OneDrive specifically I don't know.

There is now official guidance here:

There is also a Microsoft tool on GitHub that may help (I've not used it before)

/Office 365 Network Bandwidth meter/
This is a beta solution we released recently in September 2018 to:
1, Measure network bandwidth usage for pilot users on-boarded to Office 365 or network bandwidth usage of on-premises users.
2, Build and maintain endpoint monitoring dashboards post on-boarding users to Office 365
This solution uses Azure monitoring, specifically Service Map. You can apply this concept for measuring any SaaS/PaaS traffic, not just Office 365.