OneDrive API - createLink with type "embed" returns dead urls

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Hello. I've just started using OneDrive Rest API (I'm using if that's important). What I'm trying to accomplish is to get embed url for some pictures from OneDrive.


I get an error while using createLink method with type = "embed". I receive an url in format "" that leads to non-working page:




If I try to get link from onedrive website interface (using "Embed" option) it works fine but it's in different format (


Am I missing something? Is there way to get working embed urls via OneDrive API?


PS I've found that some people also receiving the same issue -

What I've also found that in 2016 ember urls were unavailable in API ( Maybe nothing changed since then.

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Figured the solution:


I've looked up how exactly onedrive is getting embed url when you use "Embed" on website. Turned out it uses other function than createLink - it uses /thumbnails.

And you can also use this function as it is a part of Rest API - as result you'll get links in format that seems to last forever. If you remove all the parameters from url (?width=768&height=1024&cropmode=none) it will lead to the original image.

PS The problem with this method - thumbnail urls are dying within 4 hours (from my experience).