Onedrive and Sharepoint File Sync

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How can i get a file that has updated in Sharepoint to update in Onedrive?

1. I have synced my sharepoint and onedrive

2. The original file is in both locations. 

3. i did test edits via mobile apps. 

4. The edits are visible on Sharepoint on my desktop but only original file is on Onedrive(no edits)


Is onedrive supposed to sync automatically with the sharepoint? 

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No, that’s not how it works. You either sync your sharepoint libraries or your Onedrive or both! These sync from the local folders to cloud folders. They don’t sync between each other. They are different libraries and what you got is basically to different copies of the same file in different libraries

@adam deltinger  Thank you for the info. If i wanted to save the revised file to Onedrive, do i just replace the existing document? 



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Just copy / move the file from SharePoint then to Onedrive! Get rid of the not updated version already there
You can technically have the file sync over using PowerAutomate flows however. When that file is updated you can have it copy itself over to your OneDrive and replace existing file and vise versa. I wouldn't use it for a sync, but if you wanted to create a flow to keep your file up to date you could. But honestly, unless you are keeping a seperate copy for a reason, I would just utilize a link/shortcut in your onedrive that will open the SharePoint copy of the document when clicking it.