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Our OneDrives have retention policies so the preservation hold library is present on them.  Today we a case where a customer was trying to delete versions of a document to help recover space and found out that he was unable to do so getting an error" versions of this item cannot be deleted because it is on hold or retention policy".  I was not sure but it looks the preservation hold library/retention does not allow deleting versions of files.  If that is the case what are our options do we need to delete so its versions can also be removed? Thanks

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Deleting those documents is it going to save any space because awls they do is move the files to the retention library anyway so it’s still consumes the space should contact Microsoft about seeing about getting more space for them. Should not cost more.

That's the expected behavior, as detailed here:


Depending on the type of hold you've configured, you can either wait for the old versions to "age out" or disable the hold, remove them, re-enable the hold.

Thank you very much for the response. It confirms then what I hoped it was not the case. This is a challenge but look then granting more storage for the OneDrive is the only way around this.  The user hit the storage limit and tried then to delete files with large number of versions and emptying the recycle bin (both stages) but being at the limit storage wise prevented the deletion to occur so we had no choice but increasing the storage.  Thanks