OneDrive access delegation

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So, I'm trying to setup 'access delegation' for deleted users OneDrive files/folders. According to this article the users manager should get an email with link to the deleted users OneDrive. This is not working. Email is not being sent to manager.


In SharePoint settings I have 'Enable access delegation' checked ON.


Microsoft article states

  1. A user is deleted from the Microsoft 365 admin center or is removed through Active Directory synchronization.

  2. The account deletion is synchronized to SharePoint.

  3. The OneDrive Clean Up Job runs, and the OneDrive is marked for deletion.

  4. If a manager is specified for the deleted user, the manager will receive an email telling them they have access to the OneDrive, and that the OneDrive will be deleted at the end of the OneDrive retention period.

I see the user in O365 Admin deleted users. I think deleted users will stay for 30 days then be perm deleted? Is that the case? Will the email be sent to managers after the user is permanently deleted? Any ideas? Thanks.

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No, it will trigger when you initially soft-delete the user (move him to the Recycle bin). It will not trigger if the user was already deleted at the point you enabled the setting. Also, the process is nowhere near real-time, the cleanup job runs on its own schedule so it might take a while until you receive the message.
Thanks so much for the reply. We've had 'Enable access delegation' checked ON in SharePoint settings for a while. (It may be the default setting and it's never been OFF that I know of).

So the email WILL get sent when the OneDrive Clean Up Job runs? Any details on that? Like how often it runs? Any logs to check? Thanks again.
IIRC it was a 7-day cadence, but don't quote me on that.
Thanks for this reply. I did finally receive an email about 24 hours after the account was deleted.