onedrive 17.3.6743.1212 duplicate file issues

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I have multiple pc's with onedrive 17.3.6743.1212 installed.

On those pc's, I have some issues reported with files that get duplicated and extended with the pc name.

I see this only with word, excel and outlook items at this moment, and only on document libraries of team sites (next to onedrive this is the only functionality we are using at the moment).


How do I troubleshoot this?








and this goes on until onedrive throws an error that the filepath is too long and crashes.


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That should happen when there is a conflict, i.e. several users trying to save a different copy of the same file.

Such behavior is determined by the attached setting (in Italian).


I found these settings already, before sync started I disabled the top option.

Duplicate files keep showing though (multiple users).

Disabling the top option (i.e. "Use Office 2016...") disables coauthoring, hence increasing chances of conflicts in case of concurrent access by multiple users, which is what is apparently happening...

Out of curiosity, why did you disable the top option?

In this case, the files that were replicating, only one person had a brief write access to the specific file (word and excel). No other users had opened the specific file.


At that point, the file was being replicated in a loop of some kind, hence the pattern.







until onedrive crashed on error "filepath is too long".


Trying to find the cause, I disabled this top option "use office 2016..." to find a cause, but no succes at this point.


Hence the question: how to I troubleshoot this?



@Stijn WautersTry updating your Office to the latest version. One of my customers was reporting issues with saving files and getting duplicates as well, these are solved by updating Office to the latest version. They are running 1611 build 7571.2072

Ciao Salvatore. I saw the attach in Italian :) I am Italian too. 

That picture refer to the Windows version. Uhm... in the Mac version there isn't the tab Office.

Microsoft told that the two version will be equal, but not in this case.

Someone know about this function for Mac?


Ciao Vincenzo. Io non ho il Mac, quindi non ti posso aiutare. Mi dispiace...

I hope someone can answer my request....

(Spero che qualcun altro possa chiarire).



Hi Peter,


We are running the dutch version of office 365, no updates available.

Version 1609, Build 7369.2095