OneDrive 12.53.10 crashing on iOS 15.0.2

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We have a bunch of ipads that we manage with Intune and it appears that the latest version of Onedrive (12.53.10) is not compatible with iOS 15.0.2. When trying to open OneDrive, it crashed out immediately. I have tried restarting the iPad and also reinstalling OneDrive but nothing is working. This is happening across our entire org. 


Is anyone else having this issue? 

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We are experiencing the same issue with our iPhones running various versions of IOS, but all are with the 12.53.10 version of OneDrive @terklin 

@TonyOrr410 Looks like this had already been reported on the Microsoft 365 Service Status page. They are hoping to have an update to push out to Apple AppStore for tonight.