One Note/ One Drive file missing

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For 2 years I had a notebook on One Note that was functioning properly. One day, One Note had an error message about not being able to sync the file because I had to sign in, even though One Note was clearly logged in to my email already. In order to sync the notebook, One Note prompted me to close the notebook. When I reopened the app, everything was gone. All that was left were random "pages" from my notes that were placed under a "misplaced notes" section. I signed in to One Note through my Google Chrome browser and there is no file. I click the "Recent" tab on the left, and it shows me the name of the notebook I am missing! I click on it and it just gives me an error message as if it either does not exist or it was moved to another location. I am pretty upset because I have had those notes for two years and I just lost it all. Is there a way to retrieve it or fix the issue?

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I recommend posting on a OneNote forum. Please include details of the OneNote version and the platform you are using.