One Drive Syncing Locations Not Showing All

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I have OneDrive for Business 17.3.6799.0327, besides the One Drive for Business folder sync, I also have some SharPoint (and team sites folders syncing).  However I have found that the Settings -> Account -> screen only says 1 Locatin is syncing and does not show the SharPoint folders.


It it my understanding that those also should show on the list if I need to stop sycncing the SharePoint folders etc.


Am I missing something for how to see the other locations?





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If you see the "Sharepoint" entry in the left panel of File Explorer, then you are still using the old sync client (Groove). You could use the new client (NGSC) instead: see

hmmm something must not have transisioned right as I am running 17.3.6799.0327 the latest Onedrive. I don't have the old one installed and dont' see Groove running in Task Manger /Processes.


so even more confused.