one drive syncing is too much slow

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i have a good connection but still the syncing is very slow :(    (25KB

i have searched for issues but nothing is helpful 

any help please 

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Are you CRAZY? One Drive was never intended to sync some 1TB of data. You are risking losing significant portions of your data.
@Fmoore0001 - just to be clear, they recommend have less that 300K files in OneDrive. I've uploaded 20GB files and they support 100GB file size.

For the various people on this thread, have you also checked to ensure your OneDrive sync client settings are not limiting/throttling your sync speed?  In the sync client, it's this network tab:



You can have over 300K files, you just should have some folders as "not-synching".

@Lou Mickley 

I have the same issue. The OneDrive window always shows and changes the number of changes being in progress, but the upper 4-5 files in the window remain "0 Uploaded" and the file of 22Mb only in size I need to be upload more then 2 hours ago is still in "Sync pending" status.

How can I see these processes? and why does it take so long?

I have FTTH, for reference.

Thanks for assistance

Fast forward to now and the issue is still there...come on guys u can fix this. I use google drive and never been this kinda slow. A few weeks ago I backed up some folder about 200k and now the downloads is completely unbearable. 

@becker666 - I can't figure out why people have this issue. Keep in mind the 64-bit OneDrive sync client is coming to public preview in March and generally available in April. See 

@Lou Mickley Are there any users getting this to work? I have never got any speeds out of this app. Im running Version_2021 Build 21.046.0307.0001 and it runs on 30kB/s. I guess Microsoft cant swallow the amount of data...... 



I experienced similar issue, speeds constantly at ~100KB/s while having symmetrical 100Mbit internet (download/upload). Nothing I found on the internet was helpful. Finally I enabled QoS in my router's settings and now the speed is 10MB/s.
I use CloudMounter on my Mac and I don't have any problems. When I dump the files in the One Drive folder it takes forever to upload anything.


@zackgeek2Yea, takes at least an hour to send a picture from my phone to my PC. I'm ditching the subscription


@trolleySo its been a few month since the last post. I just want to confirm I'm a mac user. I used to use OneDrive a few years back and it was a good speed for uploading files. Now business has agreed to go full 365 i reinstated OneDrive as a business user.


I am embarassed by the performance. I will probably store my files directly on the web in 365 now instead of syncing locally. I do not have that amount of time to waste watching a file upload. I currently have a 1.8mb powerpoint template file stuck on 255k! Google Drive, DropBox, even iCloud syncing are much faster than what I'm seeing here. It's a real shame.

@mattp2010 I'm having exactly the same problem here, on a Mac running Big Sur 11.5.


OneDrive was just as fast as Dropbox until very recently, but now it's useless - stuck on "Updating Files" for hours every time I save a modest sized file to my HD.


I've tried rebooting MacOS and I've tried the ResetOneDriveApp command, but neither worked. My guess is it's a compatibility issue either with the latest MacOS update or the latest OneDrive update.


Thanks @netadmin37. Works like a charm...

I found this tweak by looking into Policy settings and it helped me GREATLY.  I'm now using 37 Mbps to download my offline files.  The values below are 100,000 KB / s, which is the highest they will allow.



I don't see a folder in the registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft for Onedrive.  Should I make a folder?  My thought is that OneDrive personal might not know to look there.


Regarding other's comments about a 300,000 file limit, and OneDrive not meant to sync 1TB of files, I don't get it.  Why have a cloud size of 1TB if you can't sync that much.  I have 350,000 files I want in there.  If OneDrive can't handle it, then I need something else.  I came to OneDrive because the other cloud product I was using was doing the same thing, very slow sync.  At first OneDrive clipped along at 6 Mbps, the limit of my connection.  Then it dropped to near zero.

I've been having this issue for many years and for that reason, I only use OneDrive to manually back up my files. It's always been slow and that's just the same it is.

As of early 2021, I've been using the Verizon Fios 6 with a direct wired Ethernet connection and OneDrive take about 20 minutes to upload a 5GB video file.

Verizon includes 2TB of free Cloud storage of Cloud storage, and I also use several other Cloud storage options too, all of which are lightening fast.

There's literally no comparison. OneDrive is just plain slow!

I've been complaining to Microsoft bout this issue for years, and it's just a problem that Microsoft doesn't care to address or fix.

Saving a small Word file with 22kB, the file could not be seen on other machines many minutes later. I have an upload speed of 900 MB/s and a Download of 5 GB/s. The other machines tell me onedrive is sync.

I never had such problems with dropbox. With Onedrive the productivity is very bad and if you have changes on a document, it could happen, that the other machine loads an old version of the document.

Additionally many folders did not show, to be synced, but inside the folder all files are green! 

What can I do, to use OneDrive for daily work? In the moment it is only usefull for backup of old data.


I always suggest a few things:

  • Make sure files on demand is turned on.
    • Most of us nearly always have internet access so there is no need to keep copies of all files on our local computers all the time.
    • If you have many files shared with many people and someone makes a change, even to a file no-one else is interested in, then that change could go to dozens or hundreds of computers. 
  • Only use "Always keep on this device" for files you will need when you don't have an internet connection.
  • Turn on Storage Sense and have it run every week or two. It will remove files you aren't using so you don't have to use up bandwidth syncing files you don't need.

The only files that should have green status circles are the ones you are currently working on. Most should have the cloud. You may think you are only trying to sync one file but your bandwidth may be taken up syncing every shared file someone else has changed. And even more it will also be syncing for every person the file is shared with in your office. 


Once I got the right balance with Files On Demand and Storage Sense, syncing with SharePoint and OneDrive is quick. The files I am working on are usually already on my computers so they open quick and when I finish I don't even notice the syncing. 

@John Twohig 

That is not my problem. I share the files only with two other computer in the same LAN. I have only 3 GB of Data in Onedrive. I want all files offline.


If I create a file and want to continue work on the next machine, I can sit and wait a long time until it appears. That is no way to work with. I used Dropbox before and a new file appears within seconds on all PCs. I want the same with Onedrive.