One Drive Sync (to Desktop Explorer Sync) does not Respect Organization Name

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Our organization changed it online Office 365 Organization Name (using the Admin panel).
The original online name was inadvertently setup incorrectly by the initial Admin.
While the change in the Admin panel took effect, and is respected in the online presence.  (For instance looking at a User's information shows the correct new Organization in the panel header).

When creating a new SYNC to a Windows OneDrive setup, the original name always shows up in the "OneDrive - Oldname" folder root representation.  (Even when Onedrive is removed.   Reinstalled. Accounts removed in Windows.  Folders unlinked in Windows.  Cache cleared in windows.   Registry cleared of old "indentities" using regedit.

Basically, when a SYNC begins, the SERVER side somehow captures the OLD name (e.g. it ignores the Organization setting that is otherwise respected online) and STILL creates the new sync directory anew in the form "OneDrive - <Oldname>" where <Oldname> is the original organization name.

Is there some way to fix this?   We have already changed the Organization field, which fixed the online presentation, but the Windows presentation seems to be directed by the "online" ignoring the field.

Very frustrating, low quality product.


Anyone got a cure- magical setting someplace else, some OneDrive setting on top of the Organization setting that is supposed to control things?

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There are some earlier posts on this issue e.g.


That thread refers to which says :

OneDrive sync client: The organization name is shown in File Explorer on Windows and Finder on Mac, the file paths, the OneDrive activity center, the tooltip of the OneDrive cloud icon, and the OneDrive settings window. Currently, updating the organization name does not update it for configured clients.

Thank you for the information. After killing literally all of Saturday (and some hours today on Sunday), trying every conceivable solution (I found a few that work, until the next reboot of the system). I can attest that not only do existing configured clients not get updated. But UNCONFIGURED clients, e.g. clients SYSTEMS, for whom all SYNC links are severed, all Microsoft account names are deleted, all OneDrive %USER%\AppData\Local\.....\Microsoft\OneDrive\* information for the associated account is deleted, all Registry entries for the associated product (OneDrive) are remove, uninstalling OneDrive, and then reinstall one driver, re-syning, thus re-logging in to the account, will STILL not use the current organization name. On the Microsoft One Drive (Azure) side of the product, somewhere in the bowls of OneDrive, the OLD organization name is cached, and it does not respect the new NAME, nor ever use use it, period. OneDrive as a product is so seriously broken- total POS. (Use your imagination.) I even did everything a "regular" user could do. e.g. I unsynced ALL clients. Unregistered the account on ALL clients, so that via the Website account management, the associated "Deviice" list was empty, and that STILL would not "reset" the account sufficiently for it to source the organization name properly. STILL. It appears that at a minimum, the user's online account needs to be deleted, and the re-instantiated. (I cannot do that, as I cannot put it back a the moment, and IT resources are tied up at this small company such that they cannot spend a week trying to fix Microsoft's broken stuff.) If the account delete and recreation (which is a problem if there are any hosted files in the account shared to others, you have to go save those off first somewhere, delete the account, recreate the account, put the files back up, and then RE-SHARE TO EVERYONE that had a share. (RIDICULOUS). If that doesn't fix it, then the only way to fix it is to TAKE DOWN EVERYTHING, and EVERYONE (ALL ACCOUNTS), and reconstitute the system with an originally correct (and apparently NEVER TO CHANGE, EVER) company Organization name, and have EVERYONE do the fire drive above (saving all everything to local files), and reconstituting the world. (Frankly, if you have to do that, just switch to Google's products. They actually work.) Totally disgusted with Microsoft. There are no words.
Just to be blunt. I even edited the registry (at great pain) to change the names. Editing a few protected (security realm) keys and values (at even greater pain), and then kill and restarted Explorer (the basic desktop provider) and that switched the Explorer Name during THAT boot. (But it did not actually rename the folder exactly, (on the command line, it still had the old name).) And after rebooting, OneDrive resyncs with home, gets unhappy with the Connector certificates, and regens a "new one", with the "OLD NAME" again, and you switch back in most places that you edit (and clog up your registry.) In short, there is basically NO WAY to force it, even with dangerous and expert surgery. And short of deleting the user's online account, there is no way to fix it. (Even brand new client installs, STILL GET THE OLD NAME - for these users. NEW users get the new name, but OLD-BUSTED-USERS, are stuck forever.

Appears that this has been broken since as least 2017 from the thread log above. (So in 5 years, Microsoft still has NOT fixed this. I guess companies are NOT allowed to get purchased, or change marketing strategies, or fix unfortunate "LONG" org names, or fix IT mistakes with Microsoft OneDrive. TOTALLY A COMPLETE utterly miserable product. Cannot wait to never use it again.
I am sorry for your pain,but the above is unreadable rant into the void, since all you are doing is dropping your shit on community volunteers who don't work for Microsoft.

Making registry changes etc on local machines for cloud services seems to be a pointless activity., regardless of whether it's OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive. You are doing "dangerous ... surgery" on the wrong entity. You may as well be trying to cure someone's foot ailment by darning their sock.