One drive shared file and folder sync issue

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I have enabled the shared files/folder to sync from cloud one drive to the local system by pressing the sync button at one drive shared library etc.


Suddenly sync on a local system not happening for the shared folder.

Please suggest this.


Although there are many files which not synced to the cloud and i cannot move to the cloud manually. So if I reinstall one drive I suspect it may lose data.


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This is an all too common problem with OneDrive. You can resync with no loss of data, I've found. It will tell you when you try to resync that it already exists in your system do you want to use it? Say yes, and it will then show that it's resyncing. I'm seeing this happen more and more lately, and I have asked MSFT support about it with no answers. My best guess is that it has to do with OneDrive not starting up again after coming out of sleep mode. Next time that it happens to you, check first that OneDrive is really running. Go to Search or Windows start menu, and find OneDrive and simply open it. Sometimes it fixes it. I'm not recommending OneDrive sync anymore. Telling people they would be better off with Dropbox. I've never seen this problem with DB.
Also @TechAgent, if you're using a laptop ensure that the 'Automatically pause sync' checkboxes under the Settings tab of the OneDrive sync app is unchecked as this can also cause issues from my experience.

That's only for metered networks, as it says, correct? It shouldn't matter normally with fast wifi connections?
There is one checkbox specifically for the metered networks, but there is also the one checkbox for pausing the sync when the laptop is in battery saver mode which you also have to watch.
Does that only show up when you are on a laptop? I'm currently on a desktop and it does not show up . And does battery saver mode mean when it is asleep? Also, the problem I'm describing isn't a pause but a loss of the sync connection to the SharePoint site. It seems to only be able to be restored by going back to the SharePoint site and resyncing. This seems to be a clear bug.
That's correct, only on a laptop will you see those pause sync options.

With regards to the battery saver mode, this is when the laptop isn't plugged into mains power and running on battery only, not when it's sleeping.

The issues you've mentioned with the loss of sync connection can be related to what I've mentioned with the pause settings when using a laptop, although there is also a set of troubleshooting specifically with having to remove and reinstall the OneDrive sync app which can also resolve your issues if you continue to have them.

Thanks for the clarification. I'll double check it on those machines. My experience, having called support numerous times with our MSFT business licences, is that I've reinstalled the OneDrive sync app lots and it still happens, even with the most current version. Happened yesterday to one client. She is very annoyed at this, and I frankly can't blame her. I can't "fix" it once and for all. I'm sure it's a bug. Happens on different machines, in different tenants, with different SharePoint sites. It's widespread. Works fine for weeks, then boom, the sync is lost. Often without the user knowing it at first. It's extremely annoying. To be clear, I cannot in good faith continue to charge them for this work, as I'm seen as being a supporter of MSFT, even though I'm neutral in this. Since I can't charge for fixing the same buggy software over and over,  I'm really pushing new clients to not use SharePoint even though they are paying for it. Means higher costs to buy Dropbox or Google but I won't continue to be put in this position. 

I know how frustrating it can be when the OneDrive sync plays up.

If it's still causing issues, a simple uninstall of the OneDrive may not work and you may need to do a deep clean uninstall of the OneDrive sync app on the affected PC.

Best way to do a deep clean uninstall of OneDrive is to use a free software tool like the free version of RevoUninstaller (

Just another suggestion!