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We have a few users who have been upgraded to the new One Drive for Business in our tenant. Within the past week they have started receiving this pop up. When they sign in with their credentials they receive a message that they have already been upgraded. How do we get rid of these pop ups?



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Are they syncing OneDrive (consumer), ODFB or both?

If you want them to sync only ODFB, you should disable OneDrive sync by GPO (see

They are only syncing ODFB only.


Users do not have consumer OneDrive on their machines.


We do not use GPOs

NGSC (the OneDrive sync client) first and foremost wants to sync OneDrive Consumer.

This is the reason why your users see the popup.

To avoid it, you should configure "Prevent users from synchronizing personal OneDrive accounts" (see the article I referenced above).

If you don't have an AD, you can configure GPOs locally on every machine.

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This is how Microsoft resolved this for us:


· We were getting sign in pop up

· We checked that we had personal one drive and NGSC both

· We took back up of one drive folders

· We ran these command:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe -reset



· And we right clicked on the blue cloud and we went to settings and clicked on unlink this PC