One Drive for Business File Requests accessed via iOS Devices

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Hi, I've raised a ticket with Office 365 support concerning an issue whereby users accessing a OneDrive file request link via an iOS device (Safari and Chrome tested) are presented with annoying pop up windows requesting a zero file size files are downloaded multiple times. This files have filenames such as 460afcb2-2158-470d-8b7c-4e7be7aa74bb 3. They have said that due to the file request link working fine on Windows and Android devices that the ticket will be closed and I'm to contact Apple support. Not sure it's really their issue myself. They also mentioned that the OneDrive Product team are aware of the issue and are looking to fix it but were unable to provide any timescales. Just after a bit of clarity around this as I can't see it discussed on any forums. Thanks in advance. Clive

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