Ondrive app for Android

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We are establishing a solution for a customer that uses Modern Team Sites for projects. In the drawing sections they need access to their drawings (converted to PDF) using their mobile devices. On the mobile devices they get access to the pdf files using the Onedrive App (its a mix between Android and iOS, but mostly Andoid). Locating the correct project using "sites" in the Ondrive app, they can read the pdf files. On iOS devices its possible to edit to PDF file (annotate/using the camera etc.). BUT on Android devices it's only possible to view/read the PDF file. The strange part is that this functionality seemed to work on Android devices, 4-5 weeks ago.

IMPORTANT! When the pdf file i stored directly in Onedrive the edit option is available for both iOS and Android devices.  This only occurs on Android devices when the pdf files are located within a SharePoint document library (Modern Team Site)

Can anyone help us out :) - we really, really need to this functionality on Android devices as well. 
Is this functionality coming back to Android devices ? Why was it removed ? etc. ?

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